What is DynCO2?

The dynamic carbon footprinter, DYNCO2, is a dynamic LCA software tool used to calculate temporal carbon footprinting. With the help of a simple Excel Spreadsheet, you can calculate the impact of your life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over a time period. This new dynamic approach can allow taking into account the temporal distribution of the emissions by using a dynamic inventory.

Global warming impact assessment results are very sensitive to the choice of a time horizon. Usually, in LCA as in other current carbon accounting or footprinting methods, the time horizon is chosen before the calculation is completed. Dynamic LCA provides the evolution of the global warming impact over time, which allows decision makers to test the results of different scenarios where time is prevalent, such as temporary carbon storage, gradual carbon sequestration in biomass and delaying GHG emissions. DYNCO2 can help answer questions such as: Is planting trees the way to go to mitigate GHG emissions caused by air travel? What is the carbon footprint of a building that has a 75-year lifetime?

The dynamic LCA approach is the new generation of carbon footprinting.

DYNCO2, because life isn't static

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(version 2.0, May 2016)