INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON SOCIAL LCA -May 6 and 7, 2013 in Montreal

Call for abstracts


Dear colleagues,

In order to carry on with the recent advances and dynamism in Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) research, the CIRAIG will be hosting an international seminar in S-LCA on May 6th and 7th of 2013, at Polytechnique Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Following a series of events focused of S-LCA, this Seminar wishes to address recent theoretical developments and applications in this emerging field.

Whereas important research efforts have been dedicated to exploring different approached to S-LCA – such as methods based on impact pathways, Performance Reference Points (PRP), attributional or consequential system modeling –, the fundamental role and relevance of S-LCA within the transition towards more sustainable consumption and production modes remain poorly addressed.

At the very core of the matter, how can S-LCA support actions that are conducive to a transition towards better social well-being? Can all S-LCA approaches equally contribute to promoting the “improvement of social conditions throughout the life cycle of a products” (UNEP-SETAC, 2009)? Can and should other finalities be pursued through S-LCA? What kind of impacts or social performances can be studied using S-LCA? What place should value-laden stakes and cultural specificities hold within the S-LCA methodological and philosophical approach, and what treatment be given to them? What conceptual framework can be built in order to facilitate purpose achievement? Can different choices in system definition influence the efficiency of S-LCA? What is the relevance of a product system built upon a life cycle perspective? Is allocation possible, useful, necessary... in S-LCA?

This seminar will combine different experience and knowledge sharing modes (oral presentations, posters, discussions, workshops …) in order to most efficiently take act of the important development in S-LCA since the publication of the “Guidelines for Social Life Cycle Assessment of Products” (UNEP-SETAC), in 2009, as well as to continue upon the development of a stimulating research agenda for the future.

In order to submit your 250 words abstract and for more information on the scientific program, please click here. The deadline for abstract submission for oral or poster presentations is January 25, 2013. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details and clarifications.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am looking forward to meeting you in Montreal next May.

Kind regards,

Jean-Pierre Revéret

Scientific Committee

S-LCA International Seminar