Examples of LCA studies

Link to CIRAIG public reports

Other LCA studies

LCA of computer monitor (International Journal of LCA, English, 10 p.)
LCA of computer monitor (US EPA, English)
LCA of coffee machine (Manual for Designers, Pré Consultants, voir p.11)
LCA of an electric kettle (Introduction to EcoReDesign, RMIT, voir p. 10)
LCA of a vacuum cleaner (Commission européenne, Ecolabel européen, English, 118 p.)
LCA of bread production in Sweden (Bimpeh et al., English, 25 p.)
Comparative LCA of drinking vs bottled water (Esu services,  English, 11 p.)
Comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of artificial VS natural Christmas tree
LCA of a laundry detergent (Proctor&Gamble, English, 109 p.)
Comparative LCA for 5 laundry detergents (VanHoof et al., English, 10 p.)
Comparative LCA for 3 cleaning products for kitchen surfaces (Proctor&Gamble, English, 93 p.)
LCA for Carrefour grocery bags  (Ecobilan,French 119 p.)
LCA for apple containers (wood, cardboard and plastic) (Ademe, French, 83 p.)
LCA comparison of biopolymer and traditional diaper systems (Technical Research Centre of Finland, English, 92 p.)
LCA of biofuels (Esu services,  English, 35 p.)
LCA of biofuels (Empa,  English,18 p.)
LCA Prius vs Hummer (Rocky Mountain Institute, English, 5p.)
LCA of PVC and of principal competing materials (European Commission, English, 325 p.)

Other interesting documents

Grocery bags – Environmental impact assessmentvis sur les sacs d’emplettes  (Recyc-Québec, French,32 p.)
Life cycle management (LCM) Guide (Life Cycle Management – A Business Guide to Sustinability, Life Cycle Initiative, 52 p.)
Eco-communication guide (Ademe, French)
Ecodesign implementation in SMEs (thèse de LePochat, French, 279 p.)
Why Take a Life Cycle Approach? (UNEP, French, 28 p.)