EVENTS / 2012

8th Product Carbon Footprint World Summit

26 September 2012

Renewable Resources in the Value Chain: A Viable Option for Reducing Environmental Footprints?

26-27 September 2012, 09:00 - 18:00, Berlin

Use of natural resources and materials in products is pursued as an important option for responding to stakeholder demand and for improving product sustainability and longterm viability of business cases.
As a consequence natural resource targets are becoming more commonplace. At the 8th PCF World Summit the viability of natural resource use in products will be explored, particularly in relation to carbon and environmental footprinting, including
case studies on renewable energy and resource use:
- Experience, evidence and insights use of biobased materials in products: Initiatives, developments, best practices
- Land-use and land-use change: Relevance and treatment in carbon and environmental footprinting
As always, the PCF World Summit will feature
updates on carbon and environmental footprinting initiatives and
international Product Category Rule development.