EVENTS / 2016

Workshop: Eco-design of agro-bio-industry processes

4 February 2016

Which outlooks and which research questions?

4th-5th February 2016

Paris, France

This workshop aims at clarifying and discussing the methodological and cognitive scientific stakes, related to the eco-design of the agri-bio-industry processes. Relevant tools for the environmental analysis of processes will be overviewed. Strategies to eco-design processes will be discussed, including process simulators taking into account environmental aspects, multi-objective optimization and decision support tools.

The workshop will include two parts:
- 4th of February: day of conferences, round tables and poster sessions to open up the discussions and the ideas;
- 5th of February: half-day of work on the scope and the research questions to be dealt in the COST network.

Dominique Maxime, CIRAIG will participate in this workshop.

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