EVENTS / 2011

Canadian Waste Sector Symposium

7 November 2011

The Canadian Waste Sector Symposium (CWSS) is being held in Montreal with support from sponsor partners Conseil des Entreprises de Services Environnementaux (C.E.S.E.) and RÉSEAU environnement.

The CWSS is a 2 ½ day event providing waste facility tours, over 40 workshop sessions, several networking opportunities, evening cocktail receptions and dinner with keynote speaker – PLUS free entrance into the Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo that begins on November 9th, 2011 at the Palais de Congrés de Montréal.

The 2011 Canadian Waste Sector Symposium is a national focal point for waste management and waste managers in the public & private sectors across Canada and from around the world.  It will serve as a forum for the discussion of waste sector policy and technology, topics including  Hazardous Waste Management, Organics Waste Management, Green Energy, Green Management of Waste, Waste Disposal and Transfer and more.

The CWSS is the premier waste sector event for the private and public sector leaders in Canada’s waste management sector.