EVENTS / 2016

Disruptive Innovative Forum 2016

15 November 2016

In a world with set boundaries, economic growth needs to be decoupled from ecological impacts: this is where the concept of circular economy lays the foundations of a new system based on better resource management. However, to save resources in the name of a circular economy does not systematically decrease environmental impacts, leading to potential undesirable effects.

This presentation focuses on examining criteria to assess circular economy considering resource criticality as well as integrating life cycle analysis (LCA). This new way of considering circular economy focuses on exploring the appropriate conditions that enable the internalization of externalities. As well, it is compared to the Material Circularity Indicator (MCI), developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. We will illustrate this presentation by a case study on the tyre industry. 


November 15, 2016

19h – 19h45 GMT

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