EVENTS / 2011

Canadian Business as a Global Citizen: Social and Environmental Performance on the World Stage

26 October 2011

How is corporate Canada perceived around the world? How do our initiatives influence our bottom line and have an impact outside our borders?

Canadian companies operate abroad, our supply chains extend outside our borders, we contribute when disaster strikes overseas, and we have one of the most culturally diverse workforces in the world. How is our social and environmental performance measuring up globally, and what action is required for a sustainable future?

Plan to attend the 9th CBSR Summit on Corporate Social Responsibility to:

Hear from Canadian and international visionaries including keynote speaker Stephen Lewis, Distinguished Visiting Professor, Ryerson University, Celebrated Humanitarian and Former UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Discover and Learn new ideas and best practices through discussions with business leaders concerning expectations and responsibilities, opportunities and risks in the global context.

Network with peers and thought leaders.


Take a deeper look at key global CSR issues by attending a morning workshop.

Be inspired by the lunch keynote presentation and participate in an afternoon of discussions.

If you are a CSR Professional, Senior Executive, Communications Director, Environment, Corporate Affairs or Sustainability Manager - the 2011 Summit is your day to learn, reflect and connect on the global role of Canadian business.