EVENTS / 2012

International Symposium on Life Cycle Assessment and Construction

10 July 2012

Numerous research activities about LCA applied to buildings, and more recently to civil engineering, have risen over the past decades. Environmental stakes are particularly important in construction because any initial decision always has long term consequences. In addition the construction sector both generates and recycles huge amounts of waste; it is generally considered as an important contributor to climate change and induces irreversible changes in local environments. To face these stakes, industries invest into so-called « green innovations », and national or local public authorities are demanding scientifically based decision support such as LCA.
For the time being, LCA research appears to be fragmented between LCA practitioners in various construction fields and LCA methodologists. However, LCA practitioners in the construction sector share identical methodological questions. For example, drastic variations which inevitably occur between the early and operational stages of construction projects have led many research institutions to develop their own dedicated LCA software tools. These tools are however seldom comparable, since they generally use different databases and assumptions. Only close cooperation between LCA methodologists and construction scientists can lead to appropriate methodological developments.
The symposium aims at grouping disparate research communities to create a forum for the exchange of recent developments and research results amongst researchers. It also aims at providing an insight into societal demands in the civil engineering and buildings sectors.