EVENTS / 2012

2-day LCA training (March, 28-29)

28 March 2012

DURATION: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

LOCATION:Humber College, North Campus


Life Cycle Assessment for Marketing and Corporate Communications - 1 day

Leading companies, governments and citizens recognize that "Life Cycle Thinking" is essential to effective Government Policy development, profitable Business Operation and Responsible Consumption in a sustainable world.

The life cycle approach has become the major tool of businesses and governments in improving the sustainability of 250px-PhasesOfLifeCycleAnalysisproducts, processes and services.  Businesses like 3M, Alcan, HP, Procteur & Gamble, Unilever and others are using Life Cycle Assessment to reduce product costs, increase market share and mitigate climate and energy risk.

Essentially, LCA can helps companies gain legitimate entry into the burgeoning "green marketplace" through eco-labels and declarations. Over 18% of companies are using LCA to support business strategy and R&D. 

Governments are applying LCA as a basis for policy and regulatory development. Current applications include: 1) helping to prioitize programs based on life cycle information, 2) making policies consistent among consumers, producers material suppliers, retailers, and waste managers and also among different policy instruments, 3) reducing the impact that government operations have on the environment, and 4) promoting pricing products and services to accurately reflect "true" costs.