30th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference

9 octobre 2011

As we recover from the global recession and the disastrous Macondo deep water oil spill, concerns are once again mounting about energy supply, and especially the environmental and carbon implications of continued heavy reliance upon fossil fuels. Will increasing energy demands once again drive up energy prices? How should governments and firms react in terms of developing or facilitating new supplies and efficiencies? How should resources and alternative energy sources be developed, regulated, financed, traded? The clash of interests resounds starkly here in Washington, at the U.S. government's door, amid new legislation, evolving energy technologies, and continuing price uncertainties. Energy analysts, economists, financiers, developers, regulators, and students-each must revisit some basic assumptions about their roles, methodologies, research and planning focus, and the information they are using.

This conference will bring together in Washington key players in the North American energy sector to address these questions and many others in plenary and concurrent sessions. Those interested in organizing sessions should propose a topic and possible speakers to Wumi Iledare, Concurrent Session Chair. This conference will also provide networking opportunities through workshops, public outreach and student recruitment.

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